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          現在分詞短語有時可用作時間狀語, 相當于when引起的從句:

          Seeing those pictures, he couldn't help thinking of those memorable days they spent together.

          如果兩個動作是完全同時發生的, 多用when 或while加分詞這種結構.

          Be careful when crossing the street.

          When leaving the airport, they waved again and again to us.

          She got to know them while attending a conference in Beijing.

          前面帶有代詞或名詞的動名詞結構: 一個動名詞前面可以加一個物主代詞(或名詞的所有格結構), 來表示這 個動名詞邏輯上的.主語.

          Their coming to help was a great encouragement to us.

          Our sole worry is your relying too much on yourself.

          Do you mind my reading your paper?

          They insisted on my staying there for supper.

          如果不是在句子開頭, 這個結構常?梢杂妹~的普通格(或人稱代詞賓格), 這比用所有格更自然一些.

          I don't mind him going.

          She hates people losing their temper.


          suggest, finish, avoid, stop, can't help, mind, admit, enjoy, leave off, require, postpone, put off, delay, practise, fancy, excuse, pardon, advise, consider, deny, endure, escape, miss

          既可用動名詞, 也可用不定式作賓語的動詞: love, like, hate, dislike, begin, start, continue, intend, attempt, can’t bear, propose, want, need, remember, forget, regret, neglect, try, deserve, can’t afford等.

          有時兩種結構之間意義差別不大, 有時卻有不同的意思. 在remember, regret, want, try等詞后差別是比較明顯的.

          I remember seeing her once somewhere.

          I must remember to take my notebooks with me.

          I regret not having accepted your advice.

          I regret to say I haven't given you enough help.

          She doesn't want (need) to come.

          The house wants (needs) cleaning.

          We must try to get everything done in time.

          Let's try doing the work some other way.

          懸垂修飾: 分詞作狀語時, 表示的必須是主語的一個動作或狀態.

          Walking through the park, we saw a lot of flowers. (walking是we的動作, 正確)

          Walking through the park, the flowers looked very beautiful. (錯誤)

          Standing on the tower, we could see the whole city. (正確)

          Standing on the tower, the whole village could be seen. (錯誤)


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