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          • 英語小短文

          • 母親節英語短文

            2009-05-08 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            Night after night, she came to tuck me in, even long after my childhood years. Following her longstanding custom, she'd lean down and push my long hair out of the way, then kiss my forehead. I don't

          • 演講英語短文 The Younger Generation In the Twenty-first Century

            2009-04-21 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            The Younger Generation In the Twenty-first Century   Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.   We always say ‘we are the future’. Indeed. We, the younger generation represents modern knowledge, new

          • 英語演講短文 Protect the Environment, Protect Ourselves

            2009-04-21 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            保護環境主題演講稿 Protect the Environment, Protect Ourselves
            Good afternoon, my honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen and fellow contestants: I feel so happy to have the chance to make a speech. T

          • 英語實用短文-12 Ways to Avoid Cancer In Your Life

            2008-02-04 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            Today I had an internship at the cancerology department of my faculty. Of all the patients I ever encountered during my internships, I were the most affected by patients suffering from cancer and who

          • Traveling With Diabetes

            2008-02-03 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            Follow this advice before you hit the road:Keep glucose goods close at hand. If you are traveling by plane, pack your medications, insulin, syringes, test strips, lancets, ketone strips, and other sup

          • 英語幽默短文 Five Hundred Times 五百遍

            2007-12-12 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            英語幽默短文 Five Hundred Times 五百遍In the traffic court of a large mid-western city, a young lady was brought before the judge to answer a ticket given her for driving through a red light. She expl

          • 英語幽默小短文 I work for 7up"! 我可是在七喜公司工作呀

            2007-12-12 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            英語幽默小短文 I work for 7up"! 我可是在七喜公司工作呀
            Four best friends met at the hospital since their wives were giving births to their babies. The nurse comes up to the first man and says, &q

          • 英語小短文-美麗的微笑與愛心

            2007-12-12 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            美麗的微笑與愛心的英語小短文(Beautiful Smile and Love) 作者介紹: 特蕾莎修女(Mother Teresa,1910-1997),印度著名的慈善家,印度天主教仁愛傳教會創始人,在世界范圍內建立了一個龐大的慈善機構網,贏得了國際社

          • 小學生英語短文 An Unforgettable Challenge

            2007-12-08 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            小學生英語短文 An Unforgettable ChallengeWhen I was ten years old, I began to chat with foreigners. But I was very shy. Gradually, I became more and more confident with foreigners’ help. The follow

          • 最新英語演講小短文 My Dreams

            2007-12-08 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            最新英語演講小短文 My DreamsI want to be a teacher when I listen to my teacher carefully. I think I can be a teacher when I grow up. I can help many students learn things well. I can play with my stud

          • 英語小短文兩篇

            2007-12-08 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            英語小短文 My Favourite SeasonThe climate in our country is very pleasant. It’s always warm in spring, hot in summer and cold in winter.
            My favourite season is autumn, because it’s always warm in Se

          • 英語小短文 The source of Energy

            2007-12-03 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            A summary of the physical and chemical nature of life must begin, not on the Earth, but in the Sun; in fact, at the Sun's very center. It is here that is to be found the source of the energy that the

          • 英語短文 美麗的微笑與愛心(Beautiful Smile and Love)

            2007-12-03 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            作者介紹: 特蕾莎修女(Mother Teresa,1910-1997),印度著名的慈善家,印度天主教仁愛傳教會創始人,在世界范圍內建立了一個龐大的慈善機構網,贏得了國際社會的廣泛尊敬。1979年被授予諾貝爾和平獎。本文所選即好在領

          • 英語演講小短文 年終會餐篇

            2007-12-03 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            We want to thank all the people here for taking time out of your busy schedule at the busiest time of the year to come to our year-end party.
            Tonight we are very fortunate to have our friends from Joh

          • 英語演講小短文 新官上任的介紹

            2007-12-03 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great pleasure to have you all to this party to celebrate the inauguration of our new company president, Mr. Cheng-En Lin.   I Would like to give a brief profile o

          • 有關圣誕節的英語小短文

            2007-12-02 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            有關圣誕節的英語小短文 Christmas The Feast of Christmas
            It is not easy to pin-point the origins of the Christmas feast, today the more important feast of the Christmas season in most western Christia

          • 英文短文 Andrew Carnegie

            2007-12-02 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            英文短文 Andrew Carnegie
            Andrew Carnegie, known as the King of Steel, built the steel industry in the United States, and , in the process, became one of the wealthiest men in America. His success resu

          • 英語小短文 Types of Speech

            2007-12-02 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            Types of Speech
            Standard usage includes those words and expressions understood, used, and accepted by a majority of the speakers of a language in any situation regardless of the level of formality. A

          • 很感人的英語小短文

            2007-12-02 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            A Boy and His TreeA long time ago, there was a huge apple tree. A little boy loved to come and play around it every day. He climbed to the tree top, ate the apples, took a nap unde

          • 初中英語小短文 My school day

            2007-12-02 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            初中英語小短文 My school day
            Hi,I’m xxx. I'm 13 years old and I study in xxx Middle School. My school is ...Every morning I get up at seven and have breakfast. And then I go to school at half past

          • 英語小短文 children's numerical skills

            2007-12-02 所屬欄目:英語小短文

            people appear to born to compute. The numerical skills of children develop so early and so inexorably that it is easy to imagine an internal clock of mathematical maturity guiding their growth. Not lo

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