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          You Didn't Do Your Homework


          It is critical to understand the company business, intention, history and mission. It is not uncommon for an executive to start out testing an interviewee with, ‘Tell me what you know about our company and what we do.’ If you didn’t take the time to research the company you are interviewing with, this could be a red flag to your interviewer.


          You Didn't Send a Thank You Email


          A timely, polite follow-up after the interview can go a long way. Always send a thank you email to your interviewer within 24 hours. You should thank the person for their time, reiterate your interest in the role, and perhaps let the person know you were thinking about a specific challenge that the role may present and thought of different approaches that you might consider in addressing the challenge.


          You Didn't Prepare Meaningful Questions


          When your interviewer asks if you have questions for them, this is still part of the interview. Sophisticated interviewers will judge you by the quality of the questions you ask. You should be prepared with a series of questions for the interviewers. Have them written down on a pad and get at least three to four questions out with each interviewer. Be sure the questions are addressing the role, the challenges with the role, why it is open and how it will impact the person you are interviewing with.


          You Came Across as Uninterested


          Recruiters want to know the person is interested in their company, the role and, in general, interested in other people. If you seemed unenthusiastic, avoided eye contact, were uNPRepared or didn’t ask meaningful questions, this could indicate a lack of interest to your interviewer.


          You Asked About Salary, Benefits or Time Off During an Initial Interview


          While it’s OK to ask these questions when you are further along in the interview process, you should not bring up these topics during the initial interview. During a first interview, the relationship has not progressed far enough to ask these questions, which come across as presumptuous. The time-off question comes across as not wanting to work hard.


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