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          • 會計英語

          • 會計英語 Unit two

            2009-07-29 所屬欄目:會計英語

            [00:00.00]Unit 2 Cost and management accounti
            [00:04.28]Text 2.1 Overheads and their recove
            [00:08.67]The costs of a business are of two types--direct and indirec
            [00:13.43]The direct costs va

          • 會計英語 Unit one

            2009-07-29 所屬欄目:會計英語

            [00:00.00]Unit 1 Fundamentals of accountin
            [00:04.65]Text 1.1 What is accountin
            [00:09.06]Accounting contains elements both of science and ar
            [00:13.61]The important thing is that it is not mere

          • 會計英語 Unit four

            2009-07-29 所屬欄目:會計英語

            [00:00.00]Unit 4 Tax accounti
            [00:03.06]Text 4.1 Methods of depreciati
            [00:07.34]By definition, fixed assets are those which will provide services over a number of years and the matching conventi

          • 會計英語 Unit three

            2009-07-29 所屬欄目:會計英語

            [00:00.00]Unit 3 Auditi
            [00:03.03]Text 3.1 The auditing framewo
            [00:06.82]When the independent auditor begins an audit assignment,he assumes that
            [00:11.42]the internal control system of the en

          • 會計英語 Unit seven

            2009-07-29 所屬欄目:會計英語

            [00:00.00]Unit 7 Sources and applications of fun
            [00:04.78]text 7.1 Funds inflow and outfl
            [00:10.27]Sources and uses of fun
            [00:12.77]The sources and uses of funds can be set out as follow

          • 會計英語 Unit six

            2009-07-29 所屬欄目:會計英語

            [00:00.00]Unit 6 Off balance sheet accounti
            [00:04.13]Tesxt 6.1 Cleaning up the balance she
            [00:08.44]However ,it is not always the limit on borrowings power which prompts a company to seek off

          • 會計英語 Unit nine

            2009-07-29 所屬欄目:會計英語

            [00:00.00]Unit 9 Comparative accountin
            [00:03.45]Text 9.1 What are brands wort
            [00:08.25]Accountants are divided over the treatment of intangible assets because they cannot make up their minds w

          • 會計英語 Unit eight

            2009-07-29 所屬欄目:會計英語

            [00:00.00]Unit 8 Acquisition accounting
            [00:03.66]Text 8.2 Honeymoon accounting offers financial advantag
            [00:09.74]The launch last week of TI Group's hostile bid for Dowty, the aerospace co

          • 會計英語 Unit ten

            2009-07-29 所屬欄目:會計英語

            [00:00.00]Unit 10 Accountancy in the future
            [00:04.15]Text 10.1
            [00:06.58]Factories run by numbers.Numbers to calculate profit and losses;to analyse the costs of new products;and to chart corporate

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