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          Happy because, in that mysterious office, he was carrying on the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. It was simplicity itself. The money sent to him by new investors was used to pay existing investors, as well as any redemptions (which he honoured in full and promptly). 


          Some was also diverted into beach houses for him and the family in Long Island and Cap d’Antibes, and into trips to Las Vegas for the accounts manager. The money flowed round and round in a delightfully circular way. 

          他挪用部分資金為家人購置了位于長島(Long Island)和昂蒂布海角(Cap d’antibes)的海濱別墅,以及支付客戶經理往返拉斯維加斯的開銷。資金流以一種令人愉快的方式循環起來。

          And there was plenty of it: by 2001 he was managing billions, and his clients included Tufts and Yeshiva universities (he was a trustee of Yeshiva), hsbc, Nomura, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Steven Spielberg, John Malkovich and several Jewish charities. 


          As a Jewish boy from Queens, he had a special interest in helping such causes, as he told Elie Wiesel, the Nobel peace prizewinner, over dinner once. 

          作為一個來自皇后區的猶太男孩,他對幫助這些事業有著特殊的興趣,他在與諾貝爾和平獎得主埃利·威塞爾(Elie Wiesel)共進晚餐時提到過這一點。

          Wiesel’s foundation invested $15.2m with him, and lost it all—as did almost 5,000 other investors, most of them ordinary elderly folk, who lost a total of $64.8bn on paper and around $20bn in hard, and hard-earned, cash. That money was still being recovered on the day he died. 


          No trades were ever made with it. It went straight to him and to the scheme. Meanwhile he trusted a tiny band of employees to insert fake trades into customer statements, based on his own best calculations of how share prices had moved. If inspectors asked for records he could not immediately produce, these too would be fresh-made and, if too suspiciously warm from the printer, cooled in the office fridge. 



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