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          China's Supreme1 People's Court (SPC) on Sunday launched the International Commercial Expert Committee (ICEC), with a membership of 32 domestic and foreign experts. 中國最高人民法院周日成立國際商事專家委員會,該委員會由32個國內外專家組成。 "The ICEC, which supports the settlement of international commercial disputes through mediation2, arbitration3 and lawsuits4, was set up to enhance international cooperation and facilitate the work of international commercial courts," the SPC said. Coming from different legal systems and jurisdictions5, the first batch6 of committee members includes leaders of international organizations, legal experts and scholars, and experienced judges and lawyers. The SPC established its first two international commercial courts in Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, and Xi'an in Shaanxi Province on June 29. The resumes and photos of the committee members will be published on the international commercial court website in both Chinese and English.
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