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          【滿分演練】一. 單項選擇1. Though1 he is ____________ seventy years old, he takes exercise every day. A.past B.above C.on D.over 2. The sun rises3 ___________ and goes down ____________. A.in the east, in the west B.in the west, in the east C.to the east, to the west D.from the east, from the west 3. Which would4 you like, Madam, tea or coffee? ____________, thanks. I’d like a glass of water, please. A.Either6 B.Both C.Neither7 D.OK 4. One of the boys is ________, all the other boys are _________. A.English , China B.an English, Chinese C.England , China D.English, Chinese 5. ---How soon will you finish the building? --- __________________________. A.In two months B.Two months C.About two months D.After two months 6. They did8 ______________ their father told them. A.like B.as2 C.about D.with 7. The fish smells ______________. You mustn’t eat it. A.nicely B.heavily C.terrible D.terribly9 8. Either you or he _______________ the team. A.is in B.are on C.is on D.are in 9. He was10 made11 _____________ thirteen hours a day by his boss12. A.to work B.work C.is on D.are in 10. ___________ you work, ___________ you will do. A.Harder, better B.The harder, the worse13 C.Hardest, best D.The harder, the better 11. Mrs Hu asked Liu Fang14 and __________ to take part15 in the English meeting16. A.I B.my C.me D.mine 12. Tell the students _____________ their English books. A.to take B.to carry C.to bring D.bring 13. It _____________ us two hours’ walk to get to our school. A.take B.takes C.spend D.paid17 14. My little sister is so tired, she can hardly18 walk, ____________? A.does she B.can she C.doesn’t she D.can’t she 15. __________ Yellow River is the second longest river is our country. A./ B.The C.An D.A 16. ---Do you want to _____ at the meeting. ---No, I have nothing to ______________. A.say, speak B.tell, talk C.say, say D.speak, say 17.---You need something to drink, don’t you? --- ________________________________. A.Not at all B.I needn’t C.No, please D.Yes, please 18. She asked me _____ he could19 dance or sing. A.if B.what C.whether D.that 19. ---Aren’t you Mary’s sister? ---_____________________ I’m her aunt. A.Yes, I am B.No, I’m not C.Yes, I’m not D.No, I am 20. _____________, no man has travelled20 farther21 than the moon. A.To now B.To far C.So far D.Till22 now 二. 用所給動詞的適當形式填空1. Class 3 won23 the football match and our class _____ by them. (beat) 2. By last Friday the students _____ (learn)all their new lessons. 3. He will be a worker after he _____ (finish) middle school. 4. I felt like ______ (have) a rest after lunch. 5. Is there another way of ______ (answer) the question? 6. I’ll tell him the news24 that our class ______ (win). 7. Jim made us ______ (agree25) with him. 8. The teacher _____ (give) us a lesson when Tom walked into the room. 9. Someone26 saw27 him ______ (fall) off5 the horse just now. 10. Look! A group of policemen ______ (run) into that room. 三. 改寫句子 1. None28 of the doctors knows about the matter. _____ _____ know about the matter. 2. Tom is taller than John. Jonh is not _____ _______ _____ Tom. 3. The jacket cost29 so little that he bought it. The jacket _____ ______ _____ for him to buy. 4. Jim had30 a good journey31 home. Jim ______ _____ very much ____ ____ _______ home. 5. I didn’t finish my work in time because my pen was broken32. The ____ pen stopped ______ _____ finishing my work in time. 四. 完形填空Hundreds of years ago, life33 was 1 than 2 today. People didn’t have modern34 machines35. There 3 modern medicine, 4 . Life today 5 new problems36. One of the biggest is pollution37 (污染). Water pollution has 6 our rivers and lakes dirty. It kills38 our fish and affects39 (影響) our drinking water. Noise pollution makes us 7 louder and 8 . Air pollution is the most serious40 kind of pollution. It affects 9 living41 thing in the world. Cars, planes and factories all pollute42 (污染) our air every day. Sometimes the pollution is so 10 that it is like a quilt43 (被狀物)over a city. This kind of quilt is called smog44. (煙霧) 1. A.more hard B.more harder C.much harder D.much more harder 2. A.they are B.they were C.it was D.it is 3. A.were not B.was no C.were D.was 4. A.either B.too C.also D.neither 5. A.bring B.have C.have got45 D.has brought46 6. A.made B.let C.taken D.changed 7. A.say B.talk C.tell D.spoke47 8. A.feel happy more happily B.get angry much more easier C.get angry much easier D.feel and more slowly48 9. A.most B.all C.one D.every 10. A.thin B.thick C.hard D.light 五. 閱讀理解(A) Since49 the beginning50 of time, man has invented51 many interesting things. Some of these inventions53, like numbers and the radio have certainly54 changed history. Since 1946, one of the most important55 inventions has been the computer. It will change all our lives. The first computer was built56 at Harvard University57(哈佛大學) in 1944. it was as large as a room and quite difficult and slow to operate58(運行). But since the invention52 of the silicon59 chip60(硅片), computer have become smaller, easier to use, and faster to operate. Some computers are as small as television61 sets62. Some computers can be made smaller than a book. And computers are getting smaller all the time. There are several63 reasons64(原因) why computer is useful65 to us. First it can store66(儲藏) very, very large amount67(數量) of information68(信息). Second, the computer can operate very quickly. Third, modern computer can be built into other kinds of machines, like radios, cars, and planes. They can do a lot of work for us. Soon, almost69 everyone, either at home or at work, will use some kind of computer. The lives of all of us will be changed by this invention.判斷下列句子是否符合短文內容。符合的用“A”表示;不符合的用“B”表示.1. According70 to(根據)this passage71, many inventions have changed history and people’s life.2. The first computer was built in the middle of the 19th century72(世紀).3. A modern computer can be made smaller than silicon chip.4. The computer has been made much better since the invention of the silicon chip.5. The computer is useful because it can store lots of information, it can operate very quickly and can be built into other machines.(B)Joe Biggs was a butcher73 (屠夫). His shop was in a village in one of the most beautiful parts74 of southern75 England . He worked in it for many years while76 his father was there. Then, when his father reached77 the age of 65, he stopped working in the shop. Joe was alone78 in it, so he had to work harder. Joe worked five and a half day a week. His shop shut79 at one o’clock on Thursday, and it was shut the whole80 of Sunday. Saturdays were the busiest days. Joe had a big refrigerator81 (冰箱)in his shop, but he tried not to buy too much meat at a time. One Thursday a woman came82 into the shop at five minutes to one. “I’m sorry I’m very late,” she said83, “but some people have just telephoned to say that they are going84 to come to dinner tonight, and I need some more meat.” Joe only had one piece of good meat in the shop. He had sold85 all the rest earlier in the day. He took86 the piece out and said to the woman. “This is £7.15.” “That piece is too small,” the woman answered. “Haven’t you got anything bigger?” Joe went into the room behind his shop, opened the refrigerator, put the piece of meat into it, took it out again and shut the door of the refrigerator with a lot of noise. Then he brought the piece of meat back to the woman and said, “This piece is bigger and more expensive. It’s £9.30.” “Good,” the woman answered with a smile. “give me both of them, please.” 6. Joe worked alone in the shop ________. A.on Saturdays B.on Thursdays C.afer his father died D.after his father stopped working 7. Joe sold meat in his shop _______. A.on Thursday afternoons B.on Sundays C.on Fridays D.every day 8. One day a woman came to his shop ________. A.at 1:55, Tuesday B.at 1:05 C.to say sorry to him D.because someone had suddenly87 telephoned her 9. Which of the following88 is true89? A.People bought all the meat from him. B.The woman didn’t want the expensive piece of meat. C.Joe brought the woman a different piece. D.The woman wanted to buy the two pieces of meat together. 10.Joe only had one piece of good meat because ______. A.Joe’s refrigerator had broken. B.he tried not to buy too much meat at a time. C.he knew that the meat would go bad (變質). D.he had no money to buy more. (C) If you go into the forest90 with friends, stay with them always. If you don’t, you may get lost. If you really get lost, this is what you should do. Sit down and stay where you are. Don’t try to find your friends.Let them find you by staying in one place. There is another way to help your friends or other nearby91 people to find you. Give them a signal92 by shouting or whistling93 (打口哨) three times. Stop. Then shout or whistle94 three times. Any signal given95 three times is a call for help. Keep up the shouting or whistling always three times together. When people hear you, they will know that you are not just making noise for fun. They will let you know that they have heard your signal. They will give two shouts, two whistles96 or two gun97 shots98 (槍聲). When someone gives a signal, it is an answer to a call for help. If you don’t think that you will get help before night comes, try to make a little house — cover99 up the holes with branches101(樹枝) with lots of leaves102. Make yourself103 a soft bed with leaves and grass. What should you do if you get hungry or need drinking water? You would have to leave your little branch100 house to look for a river. Don’t just walk away. Pick104 off small branches and drop them as you walk so that you can find your way back. The most important thing to do when you are lost is — stay in one place. 11. If you got lost in the forest,you should _______. A.stay where you are and give a signal three times B.walk around the forest and shouted so that your friends might105 hear you C.try to find your friends as soon as possible106 D.try to get out of the forest and shouted for help 12. If you want to let people believe107 that you are not just making noise for fun you should ________. A.shout that you are lost B.keep up the shouting or whistling C.shout at the top of your voice D.shout or whistle once in a while 13. When you hear _______ shouts or whistles or gun shots,you know that _______. A.two; people will soon come to help you B.three; some one is asking for help C.three; people will soon come to help you D.two; someone is asking for help 14. When you are lost in the forest, but you want to leave your place to get water, you should ________. A.just go to the river B.find a bowl or a glass, and then go C.make a fire so that you might make yourself some hot tea D.leave marks108 (標志)as you go to the river so that you can find your way back 15. This story mainly109 (主要地)tells you _______. A.that when someone gives a signal always three times, it is a call for help B.What you should do if you get lost in the forest C.that when any signal given twice110 means111 an answer to a call for help D. What you should do if you get lost in the street六. 書面表達 根據提示寫一篇有關你今天活動的日記 要求:1、字數在60—80個單詞左右。 2、日期、天氣狀況等放在日記行文格式上。 3、今天是2005年3月3日,星期六早晨6點45分起床,匆忙去上學, 學校停課。然后和幾個同學去公園野餐,乘車回家。9點睡覺。 初三年級(下) 【練習答案】一. 1.D 2.A 3.C 4.D 5.A 6.B 7.C 8.C 9.A 10.D 11.C 12.C 13.B 14.B 15.B 16.D 17.D 18.C 19.B 20.C 二.1. was beaten112 2. had learnt/learned 3. finishes 4. having 5. answering 6. has/have won 7. agree 8. was giving 9. fall 10. are running113 三. 1.No doctors 2. so/as tall as 3. was cheap enough 4. enjoyed himself114; when he travelled 5.broken; me from 四. 1.C 2.D 3.B 4.A 5.D 6.A 7.B 8.C 9.D 10.B 五. 1.A 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.A 6.D 7.C 8.D 9.D 10.B 11.A 12.B 13.A 14.D 15.B 六. Saturday Mar3,2005 Sunny Today is Saturday. I got up at 6:45 this morning. I had a quick breakfast and then went to school in a hurry, but we don’t have classes on Saturday. Then I telephoned some classmates and asked them to have a picnic. They were very pleased115. We got to the park and enjoyed ourselves116. At about 5:00 in the afternoon, we went home by bus. I was too tired, so I’ll go to bed at 9:00.
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