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          【滿分演練】一. 單項選擇1. Who jumps ________ in your class?A. far B. farther1 C. farthest D. longer2. ---I made3 the cake by ________. Help __________, Tom. ---Thanks, Jane.A. ourselves4; yourself B. myself5; yourselfC. myself; yourselves D. ourselves; yourselves3. There ________ a football game on TV this afternoon.A. is going6 to have B. will beC. is going to play D. will play4. Wu Dong was7 _______ tired that he couldn't keep his eyes_________.A. too, open B. so, closed C. too, closed D. so, open5. Can you hear __________?A. something B. anything C. nothing D. somebody96. The students stop __________ when the teacher came10 in.A. to talk B. talking C. talked D. talk7. I told him ________ story.A. the whole11 B. the all C. whole the D. all8. Please _________ early tomorrow, mum.A. wake12 up me B. wakes13 me upC. wake me up D. will wake me up9. He will go to the Great Wall if it __________ tomorrow.A. won't rain B. doesn't rain C. don't rain D. isn't raining10. Can you tell us _________?A. where have you gone B. where you have goneC. where have you been D. where you have been11. Li Lei, sit down, please. I'll ________ you some tea.A. take B. to bring C. get D. give12. Don't forget to _________ your dictionary14 here tomorrow.A. take B. bring C. carry D. borrow13. He couldn't wash ________ when he was five years old.A. his B. him C. himself D. herself14. Why did15 you leave your daughter at home all by ________.A. yourself B. himself C. herself D. myself15. I bought my son a bike, _________ he like it a lot.A. and B. but C. or D. at16. _______ , Li Lei was far behind the others16 at first.A. At the 800-metre race B. In the 800-metres raceC. In the 800-metre rece D. At the 800-metres race17. My parents are teachers. They _________ teach English.A. Both B. all C. both D. are18. Kate is an __________ girl.A. eight-year-old B. eight-years-oldC. six-year-old D. six-years-old19. Who jumped _________ of all in the long jump?A. longest B. longer C. farther D. farthest20. The runner17 fell18, but he quickly got19 up and _______.A. went on running B. went on to runC. went on run D. went on ran20二. 完型填空 Mr Smith left his car __1__ his house one night, but when he came down the nest__2__ to go to his office, he found21 the car __3__ there. He called the police22 and told them the__ 4__ . And they said23 they must__ 5__ him to find the car. __6__ Mr Smith came home from his office that evening, the car was back again in its usual24 (通常的) place __7__ his house, He examined25 (檢察) it carefully27 to see if (是否) it was damaged28 (損壞), and found __8__ theatre29 (劇院) tickets on one of the seats30 (座位) and a letter, It said, “We feel very__ 9__ . We took31 your car because we had32 an mergency (急診).” Mr and Mrs Smith went to the theatre with the two tickets the next night and __10 __themselves very much. When they got home, they found thieves34 (賊) took away everything in their house.1. A inside B. outside C. from D. under2. A. evening B. morning C. afternoon D. night3. A. wasn't B. was C. left D. went4. A. wrong B. matter C. thing D. idea5. A. made B. let C. help D. ask6. A. If B. Because C. When D. Before7. A. in the front of B. in front of C. on the front of D. on front of8. A. many B. no C. two D. one9. A. sorry B. afraid C. happy D. sad10. A. helped B. taught C. hurt D. enjoyed三. 閱讀理解(A) Do you live in a city? Do you know how cities begin? Long ago, the world had only a few35 thousand people. These people moved from place to place. They moved over the land36, hunting37 (打獵) animals for food. No one knows how or where these people learned38 about growing food. But when they did, their lives (生活) changed. They didn't have to look for food any more. They could8 stay in one place and grow it. People began to live near one another. And so the first villages grew. Many people came to work in the village. These villages grew very big. When machines39 came along40 (出現), life41 in the villages changed again. Factories were built42 (建立). More and more people lived near the factories. The cities grew very big. Today, some people are moving back to small towns. Can you tell why?根據短文內容判斷正誤:正確的答“A”,錯誤的答“B”。1. Long ago, a few people could stay in one place, hunting animals for food.2. When these people learned to grow food, their lives changed.3. Factories were built after the cities grew big.4. Today, some people don't live to live in big cities.5. Everyone knows how and where cities began. (B)Almost43 everyone likes dogs, and almost everyone likes to read stories about dogs. I have a friend. He has a large police dog named Jack44. Police dogs are very clever. Every Sunday afternoon my friend takes Jack for a long walk in the park. Jack like these long walks very much.One Sunday afternoon a young man came to visit my friend. He stayed a long time. He talked and talked. Soon it was time for my friend to take Jack for his walk. But the visitor45 still stayed. Jack became46 very worried47. He walked around the room several48 times and then sat49 down in front of the visitor and looked at him. But the visitor paid50 not attention51. He went on talking. Finally52 Jack got angry. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later53. He sat down again in front of the visitor, but this time he took the visitor's cap in his mouth.1. The young visitor stayed a long time, didn't he? __________.A. Yes, he did B. Yes, he didn't C. No, He didn't D. No, he did.2. Jack became very worried because ____________.A. he wanted to have something to eatB. he wanted to play with himC. he wanted to go out D. he didn't know the young man3. Jack sat down in front of the visitor because _____________.A. he wanted to join the talk B. he wanted the visitor to leaveC. he wanted the visitor to talk with himD. he wanted to show the visitor how clever he was4. The visitor went on talking and ________________.A. he didn't like JackB. he paid no attention to JackC. he paid no attention to his capD. he didn't care26 that his cap was his cap was taken away by Jack5. Jack went out of the room with nothing, but came back with ________ in his mouth.A. something B. nothing C. the visitor's cap D. the visitor's shoe (C)Mr White and his wife54 wanted to paint(油漆) the outside of their house. To save55(節省) money they wanted to do it themselves33. On Saturday morning they bought some paint and two brushes(刷子). They began that afternoon with the back ol the house. The next Saturday Mr White went to a football match(比賽) but his wife painted the front of the house. On Sunday they found they couldn't open any of the front windows. They got them all open in the end. But they broke56 three of the seven. They were very dear to mend57. Next time when they want to save money they’ll certainly58 ask somebody to do the work.l. Mr White wanted to paint ___________________ .A. the front of the house B. the back of the houseC. the front windows D. the outside of the house2. They wanted to do the work themselves because_________________ .A. the windows were very easy to break B. the windows were very hard to openC. nobody59 could do this work wellD. they didn't want to give more money3. The work lasted for about ___________________.A. two days B. less60 than a weekC. three days D. more than a week4. They have to ask somebody to mend the ________________ windows.A. three B. four C . five D. seven5. Next time they will ask somebody to work for them becauseA. they want to go to football matchesB. it is no longer an interesting thing for themC. they have no more paint and brushesD. they really want to save some money四. 據句意,用方框中所給詞或短語填空 A. catch up with F. a moment laterB. fell behind G. passing …on to C. getting ready to H. At the same time D. dropped I. neck and neck E2. On the first lap61 J. won 1._________________ the boys and the girls passed the ball to each other. 2.The teacher shouted to the runners_______________, “Come on! Come on!” 3.The Class 4 runner fell and ___________________the others. 4.The monkey is ___________the hat _____________the other small monkeys. 5.What are they doing ? They’re _______________do some cleaning. 6.The runner from Class 2 _____________his slick .Bad luck62. 7.LingFeng and Jim were __________________at first. 8.____________________ the students ran very fast, but on the second lap they were too tired to ran farther. 9.Look! The short girl from Class 3 is beginning63 to ______________the girls in front. 10.At last Class One ____________________the boys’ relay64 race. 五. 完成句子1. 英語是我班最受歡迎的科目之一。 English is _____________ in our class.2.請把這只盒子帶到辦公室去。 Please __________ to the office.3.我們應該向雷鋒同志學習。 We should _____________ comrade65 Lei Feng.4.她正打算去看電影。 She _________ see a film.5.莉莉于1987年6月29日出生在上海。 Lily66 _______________.6.見到你我很高興。 I _________ to see you.7.看上去她不舒服。 She seems67 __________sell.8.他也喜歡開妹妹的玩笑。 He also likes to __________ his younger68 sister.9.我很難算出這道題。 It is hard for me to _________ the problem69.10.你能確定他拿了第一名嗎? _______________ he got the first prize70? 初二英語(下) 【練習答案】一. 1. C 2 B 3 B 4 D 5 B 6.B 7 A 8.C 9.B 10.D 11.C 12 B 13.C 14.C 15.A 16. C 17. C 18. B 19. D 20. A二. 1.B 2.B3.A 4.B 5.C 6.C 7.B 8.C 9.A 10.D三.(A) 1. B 2.A 3.B 4.A 5.B (B) . 1. A 2. C 3. B 4. B 5. C (C) 1. D 2.D 3.D 4.A 5.D四. 1.H 2.F 3.B 4.G 5.C 6.D 7.I 8.E 9.A 10.J 五. 1. one of the most popular71 subjects 2. take the box3. learn from 4. is planning72 to5. was born73 in Shanghai, on June 29, 1987. 6. am happy/pleased7. not to be 8. play jokes74 on 9. work out 10. Are you sure
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