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          • 奧運英語作文

          • 簡單的奧運英語作文

            2008-05-29 所屬欄目:奧運英語作文

            The lucky baby first time declares a position MV
            Austria transported the subject music " 2008 " the MV real-life scenery photography to the day before yesterday evening officially in 81 fac

          • 綠色奧運英語作文英文

            2008-05-29 所屬欄目:奧運英語作文

            綠色奧運英語作文英文: Ladies and gentlemen: Good morning! Today, my speech is “I am the part of the Green Olympics”. The Olympic Games will be held in our country in two years’ time. “Green Olymp

          • 喜迎08奧運英語作文

            2008-05-26 所屬欄目:奧運英語作文

            China has its own sport legends. Back to Song Dynasty, People started to play a game called Cuju, which is regarded as the origin of Ancient football. So now, you will understand why our women footbal

          • 期待2008北京奧運

            2008-05-26 所屬欄目:奧運英語作文

            The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) has recently received the ISO14001 certificate, meaning that the environmental management system (EMS) set up by the BOCOG c

          • 奧運會和我英語作文

            2008-05-26 所屬欄目:奧運英語作文

            The year of 2008 is getting closer and closer to us. We need to take actions from now on to prepare for the game. What we need to do most is to work on our disadvantages and shortcomings. As a student

          • New Beijing,Great Olympics

            2008-05-26 所屬欄目:奧運英語作文

            "The Games of the 29th Olympiad in 2008 are awarded to the city of Beijing." The International Olympic Committee selected the Chinese capital as the 2008 host in Friday's vote during

          • 介紹奧運的英語作文

            2008-05-26 所屬欄目:奧運英語作文

            The Olympic Games are held every four years in a different city in the world. Athletes from different countries compete in a variety of sports which are divided into winter and sum mer games.
            The Oly

          • 奧運志愿者英語作文

            2008-05-26 所屬欄目:奧運英語作文

            I want to be a volunteer of beijing olympic games. I realized the time flies.I must study english very hard. Because English is very useful and it is very important. And to be a volunteer of the olymp

          • 奧運福娃的象征意義

            2008-05-26 所屬欄目:奧運英語作文

            In China's traditional culture and art, the fish and water designs are symbols of prosperity and harvest. And so Beibei carries the blessing of prosperity. A fish is also a symbol of surplus in Chine

          • 我與2008奧運

            2008-05-26 所屬欄目:奧運英語作文

            I and Olympic Games
            Olympic Games is window, I keep watch. This is a maximum window, had been rubbed bright. Through it, those that see are worlds. Here, it is changing every day, here burgeoning thi

          • 關于奧運的英語作文

            2008-05-26 所屬欄目:奧運英語作文

            This simple ten words, give infinite power of Chinese people, especially for I but the speech is also a kind of strong spirit to encourage, this is the slogan of the Olympic game of 2008 Pekings.

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