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          • 小學英語作文

          • Reaction to a Book 讀后感

            2021-04-15 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Last week, I read a book about how the successful persons started their career and succeeded. They met a lot of difficulties and problems, such as lacking of money & experience and

          • Be Grateful to Parents 感恩父母

            2020-05-25 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Almost every child will complain about their parents sometimes. It is natural, because when people stay together for a long time, they will start to have argument. But ignore about

          • My Friend 我的朋友

            2020-05-20 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            I have a good friend, and her name is Li Hua. We have become friends for about two years. She is very kind. When I step into the classroom for the first time, she helps me to get f

          • It Snows 下雪了

            2020-05-18 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            As the New Year has passed away, I think the cold weather will pass away and gets warm soon, but I am wrong. This morning, it snows again and I have to wear a lot of clothes. I gue

          • Be Grateful 感恩

            2020-05-14 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            I am so grateful about the things I have, such as the love from my parents and my friends. They always stand by my side when I have troubles. So I can grow up as a strong and posit

          • My Dream 我的夢想

            2020-05-11 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            I have a dream. When I grow up, I want to be an actor. Being an actor can play many roles and experience different lifestyles. It is so cool. What&rsquo;s more, I can make a lot of

          • What I Have Learned 我學到了什么

            2020-05-09 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Last week, the teacher gave us a task. We needed to do homework in group. At first, I was so afraid of doing the group work, because I got used to do homework alone. But later I fo

          • About Honesty 誠實

            2020-05-08 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Everybody knows that telling lies is not right, so we have been educated to be an honest person. My parents tell me that no matter what kind of difficulty I meet, I should tell the

          • Father's Surprise 爸爸的驚喜

            2020-05-06 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            My father doesn't talk much. Though he is not funny, he loves me very much. Last week, he travelled for business and when he came home, he took out a box and brought me a nice pre

          • My Prize 我的獎品

            2020-05-05 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Last week, when I passed a clothes shop, I was attracted by the beautiful dress, so I asked my mother to give me money to buy one. But she refused me and said that I could collect

          • Piano Class 鋼琴課

            2020-04-29 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Every parent wants their daughters to learn ballet and piano. My mother finds me having no talent in ballet, so she chooses to send me to learn piano. At first, I am not very inter

          • A Lovely Boy 一個可愛的男孩

            2020-04-26 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            A boy lives near my house and I never know his name. Every day, he will bring some food to the homeless dogs and cats. Sometimes when I am passing through, I see what he does. He i

          • No Sell, No Kill 沒有買賣就沒有傷害

            2020-04-22 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            We have been educated that animals are part of nature and they are also our friends. People should protect the animals, for saving themselves to some degree. But some people kill t

          • Be a Brave Girl 做一個勇敢的女孩

            2020-04-20 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Everybody has the things that they fear, for me, I am afraid of standing in the high place. So when we go hiking, my friends are enjoying standing around the side of the top, then

          • Steve Jobs 史蒂夫•喬布斯

            2020-04-15 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            The Apple products are popular by the young people and the former CEO of Apple Company was Steve Jobs. Though he has passed away, he was remembered by the public all the time. His

          • The Ideal Life 理想的生活

            2020-04-13 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            I have studied very hard just to realize my future dream. I want to make a lot of money and make my parents live the comfortable life. They have sacrificed so much for me, so I rea

          • The Meaning of Exams 考試的意義

            2020-04-08 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Exam is necessary for every student and it is the important way to check students&rsquo; level. But most people have taken serious attitude to the exams and they are afraid of taki

          • My New Shoes 我的新鞋

            2020-04-07 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Today, I was so excited to buy a new pair of shoes, because I have saved the money for a month. In order to get enough money, I controlled myself to eat less snacks. What&rsquo;s m

          • The Choice I Make 我的抉擇

            2020-04-02 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            As the winter holiday is almost ending, I need to finish a lot of homework. But every day my friends come to ask me out and I have no hesitation to play with them all the time. Now

          • A Nervous Day 緊張的一天

            2020-03-31 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Today, I woke up early in the morning and I felt so nervous, because I needed to take part in the final exams. I went over my books for many times and slept very late. I would take

          • The Lucky Me 幸運的我

            2020-03-26 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Today, when I went home after school, my bike was broken suddenly, then I found there were no friends around. An old man saw my problem. Then he came close to me and helped me to c

          • Nobody is Perfect 人無完人

            2020-03-23 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            When I see my classmates wearing beautiful clothes and looking so attractive, I wish I could be one of them. In my eyes, they are so perfect, but my mother tells me that nobody is

          • I Have Grown Up 我已經長大了

            2020-03-19 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            Last night, there were many people coming to visit my parents and sent the New Year wishes. I made them tea and helped my mother to clean the house. My mother was so happy that she

          • An Old Man 一位老人

            2020-03-16 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            There is an old man living next to my house. I can see him every day when I walk down the street. He sells shoes every day and he has done the business for more than 20 years. Most

          • Comic Book 漫畫書

            2020-03-12 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

            I like reading books so much, especially the comic book. When I start reading, I can&rsquo;t focus my attention for a long time if the books are words everywhere, then I find comic

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