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          英語日記 一次海邊度假

          Source:     2021-05-13  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

          On October 6th, 2013, I went Xiao Meisha with my fellows to spend a nice seaside holiday. On our arriving at Xiao Meisha, we were all filled with excitement, since this was our first trip to the seaside. Xiao Meisha was an excellent seaside resort indeed. There the sky was clean and bright, the wind was mild and pleasant, the sandy beach was soft and comfortable, and the sea was so magnificent. We felt refreshed at that moment. It seemed as if we traveled in the heaven.


          We did many kinds of activities at the seaside. Some of us went swimming in the sea; some went surfing; some dived underwater; some had a walk along the sea; some played sports on the beach. But I just took some photos of the beautiful sea scenery. All of us had a happy time.


          In the evening, when it was about the time for leaving, we were unwilling to go, because the beautiful sea scenery deeply attracted us. We all expected for our next coming. So I could say that the seaside holiday was both relaxing and wonderful.


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