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          Archery: Lots drawn to determine groups and targets

          Source:     2008-08-08  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  
          (BEIJING, August 7) -- Drawing of lots for the Olympic Archery competition was held on Thursday, August 7 at the Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field. Sixty-four female and 64 male players were assigned to 22 groups each.

          There are three archers in each of the first 20 groups, and two in the remaining two groups. Archers of the same country or region are not assigned to the same groups. In the ranking round on August 9, the groups will take turns to shoot at three targets: A, B and C.

          On the women's side, Hayakawa Nami of Japan, Park Sung-Hyun of the Republic of Korea and Son Hye Yong of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will shoot first. The world No.1 seed Yun Ok-Hee of ROK will shoot in the second group.

          On the afternoon of August 9, Viktor Ruban of Ukraine, Bair Badenov of the Russian Federation and Nuno Pombo of Portugal will shoot first. Top-ranked Im Dong-Hyun of the Republic of Korea is in Group 15.

          In the ranking round archers will shoot 72 arrows at a target 70 meters away in 12 ends of six arrows each. A perfect score is 720. The world record for men is 687 points and 682 points for women.

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