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          • 出國英語口語

          • 出國英語口語 unit55

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 55 Looking for a Hotel

            W:Excuse me.Which way is the Admiral Hotel?

            M:I'm sorry.I don't know. I'm new in this city.

            W:Pardon me,sir. Can you tell me where the Admiral Hotel is?


          • 出國英語口語 unit53

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 53 Travel by train

            Practical Conversation

            Q:When is the next train to New York?

            A:That's about two hours from now.

            Q:Is there anything before then?

            A:There's a local that leaves

          • 出國英語口語 unit54

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 54 In the restaurant.

            Practical consersation

            W:Are you ready to order now, sir?

            M:Yes, let me have this roast beef special.

            W:You have a choice of vegetables, green peas, lima beans o

          • 出國英語口語 unit51

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 51 Shopping

            Practical Conversation

            Q:May I help you,sir?

            A:Yes,I'm looking for a suit size forty.

            Q:Yes,sir.I'll be glad to show you some. Any particular color?

            A:I'd like somet

          • 出國英語口語 unit52

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 52 Visit Doctor

            Practical Conversation

            Q:Have you called the taxi,John?

            A:Yes,I have.It should be here I a minute. Put on your coat and hat. Then we'll be ready.

            Q:Here he is now.

          • 出國英語口語 unit49

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 49 Cash in the bank.

            Practical Conversation

            Q:Do you have some identification?

            A:Yes,I have my passport. I also have this identification card.

            Q:How do you want your money?


          • 出國英語口語 unit50

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 50 In the barbershop

            Practical conversation

            W:Who is the next?

            M:I am.

            W:All right. Over here,sir. How are you today?

            M:Fine, thanks.

            W:How do you want you hair cut?


          • 出國英語口語 unit47

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 47 This is for you

            W: Have you finished?
            M: Yes ,but dinner was excellent
            W: Would you like some of coffee?
            M: No ,thank you..Check please.
            W: Yes sir ,one moment please .here is the che

          • 出國英語口語 unit48

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 48 Travel in the US.

            Practical conversation

            W:Would you like to take the vacation?

            M:Yes, I'd like to take the vacation?

            W:Do you know what time is it?

            M:Sorry, I don't. My watch

          • 出國英語口語 unit45

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 45 I left my watch behind.

            Practical conversation

            W:I'm now on the Songshan airport getting ready for departure.I realized that I might have left my watch.

            M:Yes, Ma'am. May I have you

          • 出國英語口語 unit46

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 46 Can I make a collect call to Taiwan?

            Practical conversation

            W:I'd like to make an overseas coll to Hong Kong and please make it collect.

            M:Yes, where to?

            W:To Taibei Taiwan.


          • 出國英語口語 unit43

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 43 I'd like to reconfirm my flight reservation

            Practical Conversation

            M:Hello.I want to reconfirm our flight to London.

            W:Yes, sir.Did you call the airline?

            M:Yes,I did.But I couldn

          • 出國英語口語 unit44

            2009-07-04 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 44 I'm afraid all the seats are fully booked

            Practical Conversation

            M:Would you find any other available flight to Tokyo?

            W:Sure. We try our best.

            M:Thank you.

            W:Mr.Chen,are you s

          • 出國英語口語 unit41

            2009-07-03 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 41 Where's the pharmacy?

            Practical conversation

            W:Do you have cold medicine?

            M:Yes,but do you have a prescription with you?

            W:No, I don't.

            M:I'm afraid you can't buy any medici

          • 出國英語口語 unit42

            2009-07-03 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 42 Please call an ambulance.

            Practical conversation

            W:Excuse me, sir. But please call an ambulance. My friend suddenly got a sharp pain in the stomach.

            M:Is he all right? There's a big

          • 出國英語口語 unit39

            2009-07-03 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 39 A traffic accident on the bus tour

            Practical conversation

            M:Hello, is Ms. Alice there?

            W:This is she speaking.

            M:I'm sorry to say your friend Ms. Barbara was injured when she was

          • 出國英語口語 unit40

            2009-07-03 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 40 I have a fever

            Practical conversation

            W:What is your temperature now?

            M:My temperature is 39 degrees centigrade.

            W:How high was your temperature yesterday?

            M:I didn't take my t

          • 出國英語口語 unit35

            2009-07-03 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 35 A burglar seems to break into my room

            Practical conversation

            M:Will you tell me the situation?

            W:I was in my friend's room, talking for an hour or so.

            M:And then?

            W:I came back

          • 出國英語口語 unit36

            2009-07-03 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 36 My bag was stolen.

            Practical conversation

            W:Excuse me. My bag was stolen, will you help me?

            M:When did it happen?

            W:Just about half an hour ago.

            M:Tell me where it happened and

          • 出國英語口語 unit33

            2009-07-03 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 33 Can I take this home?

            Practical conversation

            M:Excuse me.We ordered too much. May we take the food home?

            W:Yes, surely.

            M:Do I have to pay extra charge for that?

            W:No, you don'

          • 出國英語口語 unit34

            2009-07-03 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            unit 34 You add it up wrong
            M:Will you bring our bill,please?
            W:Yes,certainly.I'll be back in a minute.
            Here you are.
            M:Thanks.Let me see. I think there's a mistake on the bill here.
            Would you

          • 出國英語口語 unit31

            2009-07-03 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 31 This is not what I ordered

            Practical conversation

            M:I will have sole then.

            W:All right, how about the other guests.

            M:The rest of us will have this today's special, please.


          • 出國英語口語 unit32

            2009-07-03 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            Unit 32 It"s about time I left
            W----woman M----man
            M:Excuse me,I"ve been waiting my main dish for quite a time.
            W:Yes sir,just a minute,please.I"ll check with the kitchen.
            (After a while )

          • 出國英語口語 unit29

            2009-07-02 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            unit 29
            i was nicely take him in
            W: you are from japan,aren't you?
            M: oh,yes!
            W: i love japan a lot
            M: i am glad to hear that
            W: let's go to another place where my friend is working,let me pay

          • 出國英語口語 unit30

            2009-07-02 所屬欄目:出國英語口語

            unit 30
            could i possibly borrow a jacket and a tie
            W: well,sir.we are asking all our guests to wear a jacket and a tie in our restaurant
            M: is that so?i didn't know it,can i possibly borrow a jack

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