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          • 10.2.5 推薦賓館

            2011-04-08 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            M:Excuse me!Do you know of any hotel nearby?

            W:Yes.There are the Huangshan Hotel and Yanshan Hotel nearby.And you can take a taxi to go there .

            M:OK,I see. Thank you!

            W:You're welcome!By the

          • 10.2.4 推薦餐館

            2011-04-07 所屬欄目:英語口語話題


          • 10.2.2 指示方向

            2011-04-07 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            2.2 Give Directions 指示方向
            W: Excuse me! How can I get to the post office, please?
            M: Well, turn left at the first corner after the crossroad. It's near the corner. You can't miss it.
            W: Thank

          • 10.2.3 推薦景點

            2011-04-07 所屬欄目:英語口語話題


          • 10.2.1 禮貌用語

            2011-04-07 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            2.1 Be Polite 禮貌用語
            M: Hello, excuse me!
            W: Hello! Is there anything I can help you with?
            M: Yes. I wanna know where I can get on the bus going downtown.
            W: Go straight then turn right, and you

          • 10.1.4 時間與日期

            2011-04-06 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            1.4 Time and Date 時間與日期
            M: Excuse me! What time is it? My watch stopped.
            W: Let me see. It's 9:15.
            M: Is your watch right?
            W: I think so. I set it by the radio this morning.
            M: By the way,

          • 10.1.3 道別

            2011-04-06 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            1.3 Say Goodbye 道別
            W: Oh my god! It's 10:00pm. I have to go.
            M: Can’t you stay a little longer?
            W: I am afraid not.
            M: Say hi to your parents for me. I hope to see them soon.
            W: Thank you. We

          • 10.1.2 姓名與國籍

            2011-04-06 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            1.2 Name and Nationality 姓名與國籍
            W: Sir, may I have your name?
            M: Peter Lee.
            W: How do you spell it?
            M: P-e-t-e-r Peter, L-e-e Lee.
            W: Which country are you from, sir?
            M: Australia.
            W: Ok, M

          • 10.1.1 打招呼

            2011-04-06 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            1.1 Greet 打招呼
            W: Hello, Tony. Fancy meeting you here. How are things going with you?
            M: Not too bad, thanks. And you?
            W: Pretty good! How are your parents these days?
            M: Oh, they are fine. They

          • 9.6.6 審訊嫌疑犯

            2011-04-06 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            6.6 Inquire the Suspect 審訊嫌疑犯
            M: Is English acceptable for you?
            W: Yes.
            M: And your name?
            W: Jenny Madison.
            M: What’s your nationality?
            W: Nigerian.
            M: What is your date of birth?
            W: 15t

          • 9.6.5 現場抓捕

            2011-04-05 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            6.5 Arrest on the Spot 現場抓捕
            M: Freeze! Police! Put your hands over your head.
            W: What crime did I commit?
            M: You are suspected of hiding illegal drugs, so we are taking you into custody. We’ve

          • 9.6.4 處理護照遺失

            2011-04-05 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            A: Oh, sir. I lost my passport.B: Do you remember when and where you last saw it?A: I remember I saw when I was dining in the Xidan Restaurant. When I paid the bill, I saw it in my handbag.B: Could yo

          • 9.6.3 外籍人員管理

            2011-04-05 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            6.3 Management of Foreigners 外籍人員管理
            M: Do you have the letter of approval of employment?
            W: No, I haven't got one. My employment petition hasn't been approved yet.
            M: In that case, you are

          • 9.6.2 酒后駕車檢查

            2011-04-05 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            A: Please pull your vehicle over to the side of the road. Please roll down your window. B: What's the matter, sir?A: Have you been drinking?B: No, I haven't, sir.A: Really? But I can smell alcohol o

          • 9.6.1 指路

            2011-04-05 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            A: Excuse me. Could you tell me where the post office is?

            B: Sure. If you get on this road and turn left at the second intersection, you'll see it on your right-hand side.

            A: Thank you so much

          • 9.4.4 處理抱怨

            2011-04-04 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            4.4 Deal With Complaining 處理抱怨

            W: Is anything the matter, sir?

            M: Yes, it's my steak.

            W: What's wrong with it, sir?

            M: It's too raw. I wanted mine well done, but this one here is al

          • 9.5.2 去飛機場

            2011-04-04 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            5.2 Go to the Airport 去飛機場

            W: Hey, Taxi. Over here!

            M: Did you call for a car service?

            W: Yes, are you engaged?

            M: Not at the moment. Where would you like me to take you?

            W: I am go

          • 9.5.3 不知道地點

            2011-04-04 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            5.3 Unknown Place 不知道地點

            W: Hi, taxi.

            M: Good morning, Lady. Where do you wanna go?

            W: I want to go to this place.

            M: You want to go to No.22 Xiangyun Dajie?

            W: Yes, yes, No.22 Xian

          • 9.4.5 結賬

            2011-04-04 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            4.5 About the Bill 結帳

            M: How much should I pay?

            W: Let me see. A roasted duck is $25. A plate of pork is $6.50. A bowl of beef is $7. Two bottles of beer are $4. That's a total of $42.50.

          • 9.5.1 詢問目的地

            2011-04-04 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            5.1 Ask about the Destination 詢問目的地

            W: Taxi.

            M: Yes. Where would you like to go?

            W: Central Park, please, but can you make a stop at Union Square? I wanna pick up my friend there.


          • 9.4.3 推薦特色菜

            2011-04-03 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            4.3 Recommend Special 推薦特色菜

            W: Waiter, a menu please!

            M: Here you are.

            W: Thank you. Could you tell me the “specials” today?

            M: The “special” today is fried chicken, and beef is g

          • 9.4.2 請顧客點餐

            2011-04-03 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            4.2 Take Order 請顧客點餐

            W: May I take your order now, sir?

            M: Yes, please. I'd like to start with a chef’s salad.

            W: Chef’s salad for starter. And what would you like to have for the ma

          • 9.4.1 領位

            2011-04-03 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            4.1 Seat Guest 領位

            W: Can we have a table for three, please?

            M: Sorry, all the tables for three are reserved.

            W: Do you have a table for four, please?

            M: Yes, smoking or non-smoking?


          • 9.3.7 開發票

            2011-04-03 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            3.7 Invoice 開發票

            W: Ten sheets of rice paper, 25 brushes, two boxes of oil color and two boxes of water color. All these come up to $35.50, sir.

            M: Ok, here is $50. Oh, can you make out an inv

          • 9.3.6 換貨

            2011-04-02 所屬欄目:英語口語話題

            3.6 Exchange Goods 換貨

            M: Excuse me, I bought this sweater yesterday. But when I got home and tried it on, I found it’s too small.

            W: Do you have the receipt with you?

            M: Yes, here you are.

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