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          歷史上的今天 February 24th

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          Today's Highlight in History:
          On February 24th, 1868, the House of Representatives impeached President Andrew Johnson following his attempted dismissal of Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton; Johnson was later acquitted by the Senate.

          On this date:
          In 1821, Mexico declared its independence from Spain.

          In 1863, Arizona was organized as a territory.

          In 1903, the United States signed an agreement acquiring a naval station at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

          In 1920, a fledgling German political party held its first meeting of importance in Munich; it became known as the Nazi Party, and its chief spokesman was Adolf Hitler.

          In 1945, American soldiers liberated the Philippine capital of Manila from Japanese control during World War Two.

          In 1955, the Cole Porter musical "Silk Stockings" opened at the Imperial Theater on Broadway.

          In 1980, the US hockey team defeated Finland, four goals to two, to clinch the gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, New York.

          In 1981, Buckingham Palace announced the engagement of Britain's Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer.

          In 1983, a congressional commission released a report condemning the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War Two as a "grave injustice."

          In 1989, a state funeral was held in Japan for Emperor Hirohito, who had died the month before at age 87.

          Ten years ago: Magazine publisher Malcolm Forbes died in Far Hills, New Jersey, at age 70. Fifties balladeer Johnnie Ray died in Los Angeles at age 63.

          Five years ago: Under pressure from farm-state Republicans, House leaders abandoned a campaign promise to disband the food stamp program.

          One year ago: The Senate voted overwhelmingly to give the nation's military the biggest benefits increase since the early 1980s. Lauryn Hill won a record five Grammys, including album of the year and best new artist, on the strength of her solo debut album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill."

          "Nothing is more difficult for Americans to understand than the possibility of tragedy."

          -- Henry A. Kissinger, former US Secretary of State (1923- ).

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